Aim and Objectives

Fostering Excellence¬† SLRTCE Alumni Association’s Aim and Objectives
Empowering Generations: A Visionary Beginning
Established in 2010 under the visionary leadership of Shri. Lallan Tiwari, supported by Shri Rahul Tiwari, Shri L. R. Tiwari College of Engineering (SLRTCE) has transformed from its humble beginnings into a remarkable institution. This journey has been guided by the mission of RAHUL EDUCATION, an organization dedicated to providing educational services from the pre-primary stage to professional education, with over 100 educational institutions under its umbrella.

Building a Legacy of Success, Alumni at SLRTCE: Our alumni stand as shining examples of success in the corporate world. The inaugural alumni meet on December 20, 2014, marked a heartwarming reunion with our former students. SLRTCE values the bond with its alumni, and the annual alumni meet in December is a cherished tradition. The presence of our alumni, their love for the college, and their invaluable suggestions are always warmly welcomed.

Aim and Objectives of SLRTCE Alumni Association
The SLRTCE Alumni Association is committed to achieving the following objectives:
Join the Journey of Excellence
The SLRTCE Alumni Association invites all alumni, students, and well-wishers to join hands in achieving these noble objectives. Together, we will continue to empower generations, enrich education, and create a legacy of excellence that benefits our society and nation as a whole.

“Empowering Minds, Enriching Futures.”